Kerry Hunter




BA – Sociology/Anthropology concentration in Criminology and the Criminal Justice System Licensed in Alberta as a Real Estate Broker, Residential, Commercial, Rural Real Estate and Property Management

Question & Answer

I am energized by people and places.  Putting the two together was a perfect match. Loving what you do for a living is particularly rewarding.  I especially appreciate the ability to provide options for homeowners and investors, when they didn’t know that there were options available.

Values I continue to work towards elevating daily are open communication, positivity, trust, and flexibility (looking at individual situations and being willing to accommodate or respond to different circumstances accordingly)

I love to read – all genres; reading helps me turn my brain off and escape into another world through simple letters on a page. 


I also love to travel with my family – whether it be a weekend sojourn or a longer adventure to somewhere new.

The Voyage of the Northern Magic: A Family Odyssey by Diane Stuemer — This is a true story of a Canadian family who went on a 4-year sailing journey around the world, giving up everything to find adventure, learn about the world and connect with each other.  It reminds me of the importance of looking outside of your own environment and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and knowing that life isn’t about collecting the things, but about people and the global community.

Teleportation!!  Absolutely! I live in two cities — Auckland and Calgary — and it would be awesome to have the power to transport to each city instantly, so I don’t miss out on any special events, or even the everyday things (like a hug when needed).

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